3 ways to attract millennials to come and work for you

Recruiters need to change their strategy in order to attract talented millennials.

The people born in the nineties/noughties are not like their Baby Boomer parents or even their older siblings, according to David Dumeresque. He is a Partner at the executive search firm Tyzack Partners. Dumeresque tells Executive Grapevine: “There are a variety of different elements that have changed in the past 15 years or so. [Millennials] are less driven by the pursuit of making money.

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Big Data creating talent “conundrum”

Recruitment grapevineBig Data is now “one of the most important issues to be addressed at a senior executive level”, according to David Dumeresque, Partner, Tyzack.

He says that for many organisations, gathering, analysing and strategically utilising Big Data is a top priority but presents a talent “conundrum”.
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Harnessing digital game-changing talent

Recruitment grapevineDavid Dumeresque, Partner, Tyzack Partners, says Digital Directors need to be not only visionaries, but also highly practical business people who can drive business forward.

One of the most striking affects of our current digital era on corporate life is the way Digital Directors – a relatively unknown ‘breed’ a mere decade ago – are gaining in importance.  There is no doubt that this is a role which is evolving almost on a monthly basis, especially as management teams are still wrestling with who should own and control their corporate digital footprint.

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