Stuart Hall: Employment in the 21st Century – Technology vs Humans

There is a greater concern regarding the future of employment today than there has been at any point in probably the last 100 years or more. The question is whether or not this concern is justified.

Since 2000, we have witnessed the acceleration of a technological revolution; a radical transformation more comprehensive and more encompassing than anything we have seen before. There is no question that technology is doing an increasing number of jobs traditionally undertaken by humans, and this trend is set not only to continue, but to do so at a faster pace affecting both workforce size and composition.

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The future of recruitment fairs

University recruitment fairs have always attracted large numbers of businesses and students alike. For companies, they provide access to numerous candidates under one roof, employers get to meet with students with diverse academic backgrounds and they also have the opportunity to get their company name out there, increasing the exposure of their brand. Human Resources heads are also on the hunt for the best talent, hoping to snap them up before their opposition does.

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Drawing lessons from challenging circumstances

HR ReviewHaving been through several recessions in my business lifetime, it is a fact of life that human capital almost always takes a direct hit during a downturn. The global economic crash in 2009 was no different.

Many struggling companies found themselves with just weeks of existence remaining and some chose to let their top performing people go.

Others survived by being agile and innovative. Their strategies deserve examination by all companies, regardless of their state of health.

The key issue here is that, irrespective of the point in the economic cycle, companies will always need to maintain, recruit and develop their best talent.

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Margaret Kett and Chris Goward: Business transformation, an essential requirement of the corporate landscape

HR ReviewOne of the biggest challenges companies face in their drive to capitalise on market opportunities through change is the issue of diversity, a subject widely covered in the media.

When Fiona Woolf, CBE, was Lord Mayor of the City of London (2013-2014), only the second time in 800 years that a woman has held this office, the key theme of her Mayoralty was ‘Harnessing Talent: The Power of Diversity’.

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A new genre of talent for the neobank

HR ReviewI read an amusing comment in an investment newsletter recently. It related to a press conference following the 1970 Business Council meeting in the USA. The CEO of Citibank was quoted as saying:

“We have to get this bill passed to expand one-bank holding companies. We have to get into new lines of business and attract the best possible people to work at the banks—or we will go the way of the railroads.”

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