Retention and engagement across generations

hrmagazine logoEmployee retention and engagement remain top of the human capital issues. We are shifting towards a critical talent shortage, so what should be done to ensure the right talent is sourced, retained and motivated?

This might seem like an age-old quandary, but as each new generation enters the workplace a whole new set of values and dynamics ensues.

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Balancing talent and passion in startups

hrmagazine logoFor entrepreneurial start-ups, managing the transition into a more established company comes with a number of tricky management and HR issues to grapple with.

With many start-ups, the entrepreneur has a very clear vision of how they believe the business should develop. For some, running a company can be reasonably plain sailing, but as growth continues, management processes become much more complex and time-consuming.

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How to recruit a ‘purple squirrel’

hrmagazine logoRecruitment managers are increasingly looking to hire the ultimate game changer, the supreme innovator – what is known in recruitment circles as a ‘purple squirrel’.

These people are the rarest of individuals, extremely talented and often with an eclectic mix of core skills: education, competencies and experience.

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Harness the corporate digital footprint

hrmagazine logoDespite all the advances in technology, many organisations are still constrained to operate in an archaic IT landscape that may lack the capacity to embrace today’s social media networks and associated connectivity requirements.

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HR Strategies for a multigenerational workforce

hrmagazine logoIn her 2003 paper, “Human resource costs and benefits of maintaining a mature-age workforce”, Libby Brooke stated that the generally accepted definition of an aged worker is someone 45 years and over.

That hardly seems credible when you read figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that show that in September 2012, the number of people aged 65 and over employed in the UK reached 929,355, a jump of 34,000 on the previous year.

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The Influencers

hrmagazine logoInfluencers: the fundamental ideas of business management and leadership are being challenged, disrupted and reinvented.

For many business leaders, the boundaries between manipulation and influencing are often clouded.

This is understandable in the current economic climate and when managers have to deal with new organisational structures and higher levels of complexity and uncertainty. They are facing demands resulting from a variety of conflicting and confusing changes in the working environment.

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