Penalised for diversity-valuing behaviour?

When Madeleine Albright rallied young women to support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she was criticised. Rosalind Brewer, Sam’s Club’s female CEO was labelled racist when she advocated for diversity. Margaret Kett, head of Tyzack Partners’ human resources practice, explains this unconscious bias and what businesses can do to address it  – See more at:

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Using adversity to drive innovation in business

logo_media_growthbusAs Albert Einstein is quoted as saying; “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” In business, however, the opportunities will most likely only materialise if management is astute enough to learn from the lessons gained during periods of great difficulty – such as those most of us have suffered over the last six to seven years.

During the global recession that began in 2008, many companies found they had just weeks of existence remaining. When faced with such stark reality, business leaders have few choices. For some, it takes an entrepreneurial mindset to turn the company around. For others, a very methodical and highly focused approach works. In both cases, the survivors also need a bit of luck! As history shows, many make it but most fail, stuck in their old ways and paralysed like rabbits in the headlights.

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Feminising modern management

logo_media_growthbusMargaret Kett discusses the issue of gender diversity in the boardroom and what can propel women into the higher echelons of management.

Read any business publication today and there is highly likely to be a piece regarding women in the C-Suite or the boardroom: or more to the point, the lack of them. Be it as an editorial, an opinion piece or a letter to the editor, much of the rhetoric that surrounds this topic is that to succeed in business women have to fight harder to be seen as equals and be heard.

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From innovation to corporate success: The UK’s battle to turn ideas into big business

logo_media_growthbusIan McAnearney, head of early stage companies and renewables at Tyzack Partners, asks why, as one of the world’s most innovative nations, the UK isn’t better at marketing and selling those ideas.

The recent Global Innovation Index 2013 (GII) produced by INSEAD-WIPO-Cornell University, ranking 142 countries on their innovation capabilities, makes for interesting reading.

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From number-crunching CFO to strategic CFO

logo_media_growthbusThe days of fiddling with an abacus are over according to David Chancellor, partner at Tyzack Partners, who says that the role of the CFO has changed dramatically.

Even before the current global recession, changes to the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) had already commenced – some thirty years earlier in fact.

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The Human Element

logo_media_growthbusRobin Murray Brown argues that acquisitions often focus on financial elements and fail to properly recognise the human aspect of a deal.

Target companies are identified as generally being underperformers, although in some cases, they are simply undervalued and present good value for money to an acquirer.

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