A culture of engagement

businessexcellence logoTalent retention and engagement, as Deloitte’s 2014 Global Human Capital Trends survey recently confirmed, remain on-going human capital issues. According to Deloitte’s survey, 79 percent of business and HR leaders worldwide still believe retention and engagement are key issues they need to address.

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Innovation leads to dematurity of mature industries

businessexcellence logoMuch of the current emphasis on innovation seems to concentrate on new sectors capable of bringing about significant social and economic change, from mobile telephony to digital technology. As a result, sectors that could be classified as mature and which are seen as generating little in terms of innovation are given scant regard.

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The founder’s dilemma

businessexcellence logoBusiness leaders strive to achieve a consistent growth in their business and entrepreneurs may find that there comes a time in their business life where their enthusiasm and ambition need to be bolstered by the infusion of the hard headed realism which experienced management talent brings.

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Managing the cybersecurity challenge – Boards must be able to hack it!

businessexcellence logoThe increasing occurrence of cybersecurity breaches – such as the recent case at eBay when it is believed more than 145 million user accounts were infiltrated – is causing executives around the globe to seek ever more sophisticated  solutions to prevent future violations . As they review their procedures, tighten their operational environment and add additional levels of security, finding the optimum formula is still proving elusive.

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How to find a purple squirrel

businessexcellence logoSix years ago Jan Koum and Brian Acton applied for jobs at Facebook.  Both were turned down and Acton would often quip: “We’re part of the Facebook reject club.”

Today, Ukrainian-born Koum is a good friend of Facebook’s Chairman and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. He has also joined Facebook’s Board of Directors, but not before Zuckerberg paid him and Acton $19 billion for their company WhatsApp. How the HR people at Facebook must be kicking themselves. If only they had the foresight to employ Koum and Acton when the two applied for positions at the company. They could have saved Facebook a huge amount of money. Or perhaps looking at it another way, they could have made Facebook a huge amount of money!

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The evolving role of the CFO

businessexcellence logoThe position of Chief Financial Officer thirty years ago bears little resemblance to the position today. Even though the markets have experienced at least six major economic downturns since the 1960s, the macro-economic trends that are a consequence of this current global recession are having a significantly greater impact in comparison with any previous recession, particularly on the way in which businesses operate, the priorities they face and the strategies they need to develop to achieve success both on a national and global platform.

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Succession Planning

businessexcellence logoThere was a time when succession planning was something only companies large enough to employ thousands of people did as part of an overall management development strategy. Since then screeds have been written on the evolution of succession planning, most of which points to the need for organisations to plan for the inevitable loss of key staff, irrespective of their seniority.

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Shifting the ‘bunker’ mindset

businessexcellence logoAre the leaders who managed businesses through the early stages of the economic downturn still the right people to lead us into the next stage of recovery?

Earlier this year, I was talking with a group of CEOs from a variety of different sectors. There was a definite sense that this was a New Year, that the worst was behind us and there would be new opportunities to be seized.

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Digital Footprints

businessexcellence logoTechnology development can often outpace an organisation’s ability to harness its opportunities. The stage is set for the digital director.

The global technology research and advisory firm Forrester faced a dilemma of unknown proportions back in August 2009 when one of its key strategists, Jeremiah Owyang, left the company for pastures new. While movement of people is a natural and regular occurrence for a business, when Owyang left Forrester he took with him his digital identity.

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