Reaching innovative heights

bdailyIn a recent interview with The Guardian, Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director discussed his perspectives on innovation, both clinical and managerial, in the NHS.

He defines innovation in a healthcare context as “anything that creates new opportunities for improvement or development”. Sir Bruce recognises that the NHS is an institution that has been built on innovation, and comments on the huge number of great ideas that are developed every day by outstanding frontline staff.

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Surprising conclusions drawn from report into private healthcare

bdailyThe recent report by The Competition Commission into the Private Healthcare sector has drawn some surprising conclusions, with the major private hospital groups having been found to hold an unreasonable level of pricing control over the leading insurance groups, thereby artificially inflating the premiums paid by consumers.

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Banking crisis forging new career opportunities

bdailyIf you are looking for one of the last bastions in traditionally run organisations, particularly when it comes to recruitment, then you can safely bet on the gambling industry.

Historically talent research for this sector has centred around who we know within the industry, where the ‘old boy network’ is very much alive and kicking.

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The ageing workforce dilemma

bdailyWe all know the statistics, on the one hand we are heading towards an increasingly ageing population whilst the figures also show that by 2025 Generation Y will be making up 75% of the workforce. The combination of increased health and an increasingly uncertain economic outlook which leads ageing Baby Boomers to stay in employment longer suggests that there could be potential for intergenerational conflict.

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The Digital Revolution and the CFO

bdailyOnly a few years ago, had anyone thought to ask which of the corporate functions would be the least likely to go digital, the response would most likely have been finance. It was not uncommon to find CFOs mulling over the size of the technology bill. In their eyes technology was something akin to real estate or office furniture; something the organisation needed, a tactical resource, certainly not strategic.

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